Over 8,000 Rhinoplasties

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Do you look in the mirror and notice you are tired when you are not?

Do people think you look sad helps?

This is an operation that helps you return to a more youthful look. It removes the tired and worn out look and makes you more attractive.

The most common age for undertaking this procedure is 40-70 years old in women and 50+ in men. Sometimes it is done earlier if indicated.

This is an almost painless procedure and involves making incisions where they are undetectable and heal with almost no trace.

Protruding fat bags are treated to remove the bulging and the loose skin around the eyes is removed to give a younger less tired look.

Often brow lifts are done through the upper eyelid incision, when required, at the same time.

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