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Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation

Breast implant surgery is individually customized to your body type and expectations. The procedure is done through the armpit leaving very faint scars – there are no scars on your breast and very little chance of nipple sensation loss.

Dissolving sutures are used.

It is a moderately uncomfortable procedure but this diminishes rapidly on the 2nd day.

Breast Reduction

This operation makes you feel better about yourself and increases your comfort. This is an operation to give you relief from neck pain and overcome the discomfort of having a large weight on your chest. You also get a better self image and feel rejuvenated. Often up to 2kgs in total weight is removed in large breasts.

This changes your body image and most people lose weight afterwards (average 5kgs).

The procedure involves removing skin and any excess breast tissue to reshape the breast. There are a number of ways of doing this but ultimately you get a scar that runs around your areola and proceeds to the inframammary crease and is various lengths according to the size of the reduction.

There is also a similar procedure which only takes out skin- known as a mastopexy – to return your breasts to a younger look. Nobody ever complains about the scar as long as the size and shape are also appropriate.

You very rarely loose nipple sensation with the methods we use.

It is possible to breast feed after the procedure but the amount of milk varies with individuals.

Click here to know more about Breast Reduction.

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