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Post-Operative Instructions

Breast Enlargement

You will wake with a very tight binder around your chest which you remove on the 3rd post –op day.

After removing the binder on the 3rd day you should wear an elastic (stretchy) bra night and day for one month only taking it off for a quick shower. (You can shower over the adhesive plaster.) You are seen in the rooms one week later and future appointments made.

Under this there is a layer of adhesive plaster to hold your breast in place. This is removed on the 7th day post-op. Your armpit scar will have a Band-Aid over it which is removed the day after the operation and the scar washed twice a day and Savlon cream applied.

Breast Lift/Reduction

You will have a tight binder around your chest for 3 days and underneath these are strips of gel dressing along the scars – these are removed in your shower the morning of your post op appointment at one week.

You may shower normally after the binder is removed.

You should wear a sports bra night and day for the 1st month post-op.

The scars can take up to 2 years to completely settle and go pale.


You can wash and shower normally from the 3rd post-op day. After you remove the pressure corset at 6 weeks some residual swelling remains to the end of 3 months post-op. There are no sutures to remove.

There is very little post-op pain which can be easily managed.

You wear a pressure garment for 6 weeks to control the swelling and maintain new shape. You wake up with this on.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Expect to be in hospital 1 week to minimise the risk of complication.

You will be visited by Dr De Torres almost every day to be reviewed.

You will be out of bed the day after surgery and a period of rehabilitation will occur until we think you are able to cope at home. The sutures are all dissolving.

Rest is important in the 1st week to avoid complication – this will be explained at your consultation.

You will wear a compression garment for 6 weeks.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

There will usually be no packing in your nose so you can breathe reasonably.

You will have a splint on your nose which is glued on so you may not have a hot shower only a tepid (warm) shower, about 1 minute. Do not have a bath as hot showers and baths cause the glue to release and the splint to fall off.

The splint will be removed 1 week after the operation in the rooms.

Do not blow your nose to clear it; just sniff backwards to clear mucous.

Black eyes range from minimal which clear in a few days to lasting a fortnight or more if you have a bleeding tendency. Don’t over overextend yourself causing an increase in blood pressure. We are unable to predict this but may get an indication from your medical history – you need to have a very quiet few days with ice and cold compresses to minimise bruising and swelling.

You are unlikely to need antibiotics as you are given a very large dose during the operation.

Your nasal bones have been fractured during this procedure so they will not have healed until the end of 6 weeks and during that time may be displaced if you aren’t careful.

Avoid very hot foods and drinks.

Avoid strenuous activities for 2 weeks and do not bend or stoop.

If a bleed does occur sit up, place ice packs around your forehead and neck and take your pain killers- if it doesn’t stop bleeding in 30 minutes contact the doctor.

Massage nose as indicated by Dr De Torres at your post-op visit.

Meloplasty (Facelift/Neck lift)

There is virtually no pain, just discomfort from the tight dressings.

Your bandages will be removed on the 2nd post op day.

You should wash your hair daily with an antiseptic shampoo.

Apply Savlon cream to your cuts.

Wear the face mask elastic garment (looks like a nun’s whimple) night and day to keep even pressure and minimise swelling.

See Dr De Torres in the rooms one week post-op.

Your face will be swollen and bruised for up to 2 weeks – whilst most of the swelling resolves in 2-4 weeks.

It will be 3 months before the final result is seen.

Otoplasty (Prominent Ear Correction)

Try and leave the bandage intact until the post-op visit one week later.

Always contact Dr De Torres for severe pain day or night – you should only have discomfort which responds to Panadol after the bandages are removed you should sleep in a similar bandage at night for 1 month to stop you rubbing your ears and tearing out your sutures.

Swelling lasts about 4 weeks as there is very little bruising usually.

Eyelid Surgery

This is a painless procedure so always contact Dr De Torres at any time of the day or night if you have any pain or vision problems.

Rest as much as possible with ice compresses for the 1st few days to minimise any bruising and swelling. It is important to keep your head elevated slightly and not bend or stoop.

Rest as much as possible as getting your blood pressure up increases the bruising and swelling. The sutures are removed after 7 days, in the rooms.


Usually one week after surgery some positioning sutures are removed.

Care to avoid trauma to the operating site is important to avoid displacement of the implant.

In the case of calf implants you will need heel rises in your shoes if you are male or small heeled shoes if female to take tension off your calf muscles.

You will also have crutches for a few days.

Other Procedures and Services

  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers
  • Genital surgery, tightening and labioplasty
  • Skin cancer surgery – especially on the face to minimise disfigurement

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