Over 8,000 Rhinoplasties

Useful Questions

Questions to ask Cosmetic Surgeon/Staff

  • What are the doctor’s qualifications? Is he a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons?
  • How experienced is he or she in the type of surgery you want?
  • How often does the doctor perform that procedure and when was the last occasion?
    Physiologically, is this a suitable time for you to have cosmetic surgery or would you be better off waiting a few years?
  • What procedures are available to improve your problem? Which one would be best for you and why?
  • What results can you reasonably expect, given your physical features, and how long can you expect them to last?
  • How safe is the procedure and what complications could arise? Are these complications common or rare and are they likely to occur during or after surgery?
  • Where will the scars be located and do you have a choice? Will they improve with time and how long will that take?
  • Is the procedure painful? What is the extent of post-operative pain, bleeding, bruising and swelling? How long will these effects last?
  • What type of anaesthetic does the surgeon use and who administers it? Do you have a choice?
  • Will you need any other drugs and, if so, are there any side effects associated with their use?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • Where will it be performed – hospital, the surgeon’s own facility or a day-surgery centre?
    Do you have a choice?
  • Is the surgery or clinic equipped with life support and other emergency facilities should the need arise?
  • What immediate after-care is available at the surgery or clinic?
  • What kind of post-operative care will you need? Will you need someone to take you home?
    Will you need someone to look after you and, if so, for how long?
  • In the event that the surgeon is unavailable after the operation and you have a problem, who will take care of it?
  • When can you resume physical activity, sexual activity (particularly related to breast surgery), social activity, and work?
  • How long (days, weeks, months) will the entire healing process take?
  • How much will the entire procedure cost – surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital or surgery costs, theatre fees, pharmaceutical’s or other costs? Are follow-up visits included?
  • If additional treatment or surgery is necessary for post-operative complications (bleeding, infection, wound breakdown), who pays for it?
  • If additional surgery is necessary at a later date (e.g., scar revision, secondary rhinoplasty, replacing ruptured implants), what extra costs are involved?
  • Is anything recoverable on Medicare? If you have private health insurance, what will it cover?
  • Hair: When can I dye my hair? (Latest possible date prior to surgery, soonest date following surgery?) How much hair will be cut away for the surgery?
  • When can I resume wearing contact lenses?
  • What brand of make-up is best for concealing bruising?
  • May I see pictures of your work?

Will you ask some of your patients if they would be willing to talk to me about their procedure and their satisfaction with you as a surgeon?

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